sick standout from my boys Hulkkonen and Dahlbäck:


tek tues

though overshadowed by the U.S in almost every other area of note, mexicans manage to approach edm with a smarter sensibility than 99% of american prods. today's main attraction is a handful of technical music from the deep south. i came upon the mexican netlabel kreativa during my internet travels today. thought i'd share.

and a really bomb track from the boys of Donk:


holy ramadan

while the popularity of die antwoord's music video increases, so does the inappropriate use of the phrase "next level shit." any in search of adjectives for RAMADANMAN'S music can feel safe with that description though, as his music is radically different in subtly different in radical ways. oxymorons are in this season. enjoy.


lost track o timee

too mutch yoda in my peace pipe made me forget i had a blog. not feeling too intellectual right now so this post will mainly feature BLOG SUPERSTARS! semi related (on the tip of anti-intellectualism), is this amazing quote from featured artist Bird Peterson which i will paraphrase since i can't remember where i found it.

"I like remixes with insane basslines that have nothing to do with the original track"

grab away:

Ultimate Bass Challenge 2000 ≈ Bass 305 (song includes best title ever)

sub-feature on "A Bit Patchy":
released in 2006, this song has been, and will continue indefinitely to be, the fire.


bass part two

so everyone, i just illegally downloaded Rusko's album and it's some fire. I take great pride in being able to appreciate this body of work despite having staked out a very different sort of taste in edm then this adheres to. i hate drawn out descriptions of music, so i'll explain this album as Crookers' "tons of friends" done right. different genres, same vibe, except this one's not a misguided endeavor in cheesyness. track with gucci sucks. album highlights below:

plus it's tech tuesdaysssss

this track anticipated the gypsy-house explosion a year before it happened. it wasn't invented by stefano miele guys.


freak modeeeeeeeeeeee

in my mind, the above is the natural order of things. large bass equals body-quaking orgasm. and there is no fatter bass sound, than the forgotten WOBBLE of yesteryear.

(for future wobble-endeavoring producers: use as a reference point)



went quite buck this weekend (12 purple xannie bars, nuff said). needless too say, my ability to write is quite diminished. these songs are all really good, and come from quite a wide variety of genres. ;)

Velodrome • Zomby (jungle-trance-hip hop)

Too Fast (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) • Jamtech Foundation (FINALLY zombie disco squad is back on their game. first track from them in a while with some groove)

find shit.

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