0_0 pt 2

not really a huge fan of the 2-step movement, but this ep is fucking xplosive! BIRA KVINNOR WEED! i'd post the whole thing because all the tracks on it are dope, but that would take away from the shine that the best numbers on it sport. these tunes are on BLAST!

Marcus Price X Carli:


the quality

Please behold 90's rave, one of the strangest cultural precipitates the world has seen thus far:
now, with the perspective on dance music you have just gained, you can help yourself to all of the hyped up bloghouse you've heard about in the past 2 months

download this, be happy until the heartbreakingly bad vocals come in, then imagine a 320 version of the inevitable dub mix and you'll know what i wish i could post.

find shit.

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